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Why Thinglabs

Your Partner for IoT

Get prototyping and testing your product or idea quickly and with step-by-step support from us through the entire journey.

We’re not here to force you into revenue or connection commitments which are unrealistic.  Get the connectivity and service you need now and that will grow according to your plans.

With over 16 years’ experience in telecommunications, we’re here to help you get connected and stay connected.  We’ll work with you to create the best solution for your project.

Access multiple network operators across the world to deliver the best possible service for your project.  All provided under a single SLA and consolidated bill.

If your application requires higher bandwidth or lower latency levels to operate, we have you covered.  4G LTE is ideal for fixed line substitution, without having to modify legacy applications, or as a secondary/backup connection.

Each project is unique and so are your reporting needs.  Once you’re up and running we’ll work with you to define a reporting pack that works for your business.


  • Global SIM
  • Wide footprint covering 200 countries
  • Resilient connectivity with access to 440+ partner radio networks
  • 4G LTE capable service
  • Public fixed IP address option
  • Private network option
  • Bespoke reporting according to your requirements
  • Automatic alerting and rules
  • Monitor and control your SIMs
  • Specialist IoT support desk
  • Single bill across multiple networks
  • Flexible contract which allows you to grow your business