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Helping the Local Community

Collinstown in Westmeath has a particularly active local Action Group, which Mary is involved in.  Early in it’s existence, Collinstown Action Group worked with Westmeath Community Development and Westmeath County Council to develop a plan for the village.  As part of that process, the development of a community website was identified as an action project for the village.  Over the last number of months, we’ve been working with the local groups to bring this project to reality.

When the inevitable December lull started, we decided to start work on designing the website.  Damian offered his time and expertise to develop a platform for local notices and information to be shared.  The site went live on St. Patrick’s Day and was officially launched to the community groups, who will be contributing to the site, on 25th March.  We are delighted with the feedback to date and with the enthusiasm with which this new resource is being used within the community (take a look at the snapshot of collinstown.ie stats below). 

We are passionate about running a company that we are proud of, and that provides IoT solutions that make life easier for all those who use them; and although this website project has nothing to do with IoT, we are delighted to have been able to create this tool to help streamline and organise the communication for all clubs and groups in our village.  The website is live on www.collinstown.ie, if you want to have a look.  Hopefully it might spur on some ideas on how people can volunteer in their own local community, or maybe you’ll just decide to come and visit us in Collinstown and have a swim in beautiful Lough Lene.

Snapshot of website stats for end of March 2019
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